Making progress: 26 weeks

baby not compatible with life

Time for an update… people have been asking.

I’m now about 12 weeks away from delivery (if baby goes to term). Because I’m Type 1 diabetic you generally have your baby 2ish weeks early because of concerns with health at the end of pregnancy.

Thing is though, we really have no prediction about what will happen when. And that became quite apparent at 20 weeks.

I’ve been told by my obstetrician that if my blood sugars drop away dramatically it’s a clear sign the baby is in distress or has died. And that happened quite suddenly one night and I just couldn’t bring my blood sugar back up to normal for days in the end. We headed straight to the hospital next morning not expecting to hear a heartbeat. But her heart was beating away, and all was as fine as it had been.

Docs couldn’t explain why my blood sugars had dropped away so dramatically, but thought something was happening with the placenta – not a great sign for baby.

But 6 weeks on she’s still tucked neatly away, kicking regularly.

Over the past 6 weeks I’ve had several lengthy scans with the fetal medicine team. They’re looking for particular issues they know come as part and parcel with this chromosome translocation.

Strangely enough, despite studying the heart, lungs, brain and palate very carefully for these issues, they can’t see any of them. This is kind of a weird feeling when you’ve read a full autopsy of a baby with this condition (my stillborn sister) so you know the severity of the issues, yet there’s no evidence of them on screen. So much so that they’ve actually discharged me from the fetal medicine department as they won’t be able to tell me anything more off further scans. Makes me wonder, maybe I can have a slight hope?! We’ll just have to wait and see.