Why write?

baby not compatible with life

Every inclination in me did not want to write this blog. I’ve read these grief blogs before. A LOT. All in trying to prepare myself for a baby that might die. And I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to share every thought going through my head with anyone that wanted to read it. Plus, these blogs have been done before… what more can I add?

A friend encouraged me to write one though. ‘You’ve got the skills’. Yep, I’m a copywriter – but the writing ain’t the hard bit. It’s putting yourself out there. You start and then you’re tied in to telling the whole story and sharing a very raw and emotional patch of your life with anyone.

Plus, if I was to write this blog, was I doing it for others or for me? This isn’t a time you need to add another commitment to your plate. Especially one that’s so emotionally time consuming.

But even in writing these few words to get my head in the game and decide whether I want to follow though on this or not, I can already feel emotions tapping out on my keyboard, and I’m pretty sure that’s healthier than keeping every bit of sadness, disappointment and anger in my head.

Another reason was telling people this kind of news is hard. By writing this we’re not trying to opt out of telling people in person, but it’s just impossible to do that with everyone. And the idea of a Facebook post just seems too brief, public, and slightly weird in my mind!

So, a blog it is.

I don’t know what words are gonna come out. I don’t know the ending to our baby’s story. But hopefully it’ll keep the communication lines open if you’re too far away or too scared to ask how things are going over the next wee while. Maybe it helps someone understand where we’re coming from, or perhaps even even helps them wade through a similar situation.

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