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My name is Kelly, I'm married to Russell, and we have four children - a daughter and son, and then two more daughters who both passed away just hours after being born. 


During pregnancy both Nina and Molly were deemed ‘incompatible with life' because of an unbalanced chromosome translocation. But we chose to continue on and carry to term - first with Nina in 2016, and then Molly in 2018 - despite the fact there was very little likelihood we'd meet them alive. 

This blog is my account of how we’ve dealt with things and all the curveballs life throws, as honestly and faithfully as we can.

This is our story

"Be still, and know that I am God"
Psalm 46:10
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November 22, 2017

It’s a year since Nina died. And I say a ‘year in’ not a ‘year on’ for good reason.

I don’t think there is any moving on f...

July 2, 2017

Long time, no hear right? I’m like that when I haven’t got a deadline.

Last year there was a need to keep people updated....

March 12, 2017

For the past 3 months I’ve been rhetorically questioning myself, ‘should I write or shouldn’t I?’ I knew there’d never be...

December 30, 2016

​​Nine years ago I was standing at the funeral of a friend’s baby who died during birth, bawling my eyes out. I was absol...

December 30, 2016

The 23rd November is no longer any other day for us. It’s now etched in our calendars as probably the most emotionally ep...

November 30, 2016

Last Tuesday night was the biggest test of faith I’ve ever had. 

My caesarean was scheduled for the next morning at 10.30a...

November 17, 2016

People often ask us what we’ve told the kids. We’ve been pretty straight up about things. And so have they.

These are some...

November 17, 2016

A lot has happened in life over the last 9 months and there are some pretty awesome things to be thankful for over that t...

November 16, 2016

I sit here less than a week out from meeting you.

I feel awful, but not because of the situation. Just due to the fact I’v...

November 5, 2016

Russell and I have often talked about what kind of grief hits hardest. Not that you can really compare one situation to a...

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